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I do not claim to know every one of the 8 billion people in the world, that’ll be preposterous!
But I do know one thing about each person walking the face of the earth today; everyone was
born a champion! That includes you. You are a champion! By now you are probably
wondering, “what the heck is this joker talking about, how can he be so sure, and what does he
even mean?” I’m glad you asked, let’s get to work!

This is one of the definitions I came across when I looked up the word, champion: ‘a person who
has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.’ The only true competition that you have
ever been in took place 9 months before your birth. This was the competition of life. Forgive
me in advance, but we have to get into some human reproductive processes and statistics here.
According to scientific evidence, the average ejaculate contains 200 million sperm cells. Only
200 out of the 200 million sperm cells ejaculated into the woman will reach the site of
fertilization. In other words, the only sperm cell that could have made you literally had 1 in a
million chances of reaching the site of fertilization. Consider this carefully; only one sperm cell
is needed to fertilize a woman’s egg to bring about human conception, and an average ejaculate
contains 200 million sperm cells. This means that you had 1 in 200 million chances of being
conceived by your birth parents. This calculation does not even factor in all the other times they
tried and a whole new batch of sperm cells competed for the honor. Wondering what happens to
the rest of the competing cells? Most of them are killed by acidic fluids, trapped inside the
mucus membrane or destroyed by the immune system. You were the only survivor of this
unimaginable competition. This is what I mean when I say you were born a champion! That is

why the news of pregnancy is celebrated across different cultures all over the world. A
champion was born on the day of your birth, and a champion is celebrated every year on your

The scientific evidence is there, you were chosen out of millions of possibilities to be born and
alive today. According to the word of God, it wasn’t by chance that your specific cell won the
race of life, it was by God’s divine intervention. The bible says that God chose you even before
the foundations of the world. You were conceived in the mind of God way before your parents
conceived you. He hand-picked you to be born and alive during this time for a specific purpose.
God doesn’t waste time or resources. His timing is on point, and He created everything for a
purpose. Even the colors of a flower has a purpose it plays in the grand scheme of the ecosphere.

God introduced you to this world for a specific purpose. There is something that needs to be
done on earth that He has fully equipped you to deliver. Only you have the set of skills,
personality, gift and other attributes to accomplish your purpose. God doesn’t create duplicates,
that’s why you have a unique identification called a DNA. Your DNA is packed with a specific
set of characteristics that nobody else can claim to have. Therefore, the single, most important
thing in your life is the pursuit of your purpose. The good thing is, when it comes to your
purpose, you are in a league all by yourself. You are simply the best at what you were born to
do. I hope you get it now; you were born a champion, and your whole life is a set-up for you to
be a champion.

You are not in competition with anyone. Therefore, you should never compare yourself to other
people, they are in completely different competitions. Imagine a 100-meters runner comparing
her stop-time to that of a long-distance runner, that’ll be ridiculous! That’s exactly what you do
when you compare your progress in life with someone else. Your only comparison should be
with yourself: what you have done verses what you should have done, where you are verses
where you should have been, what you are into now verses what you are trying to get into, etc.

I’m sure you are aware of the benefits that the champions of our society enjoy. What you may
not know is the commitment it took for them to develop the skills and gifts needed to achieve
that status. You can also enjoy all the benefits of championship if you can find and refine your
gift, and diligently pursue your purpose. When you fully understand and embrace the truth about
a life of purpose and decide to pursue it, you will be more focused, fulfilled and prosperous in
your life’s endeavor. The book of proverbs in the bible says that your gift will open doors for
you and bring you before great people. We’ll talk more about finding your gift and pursuing
your purpose in subsequent publications. Claim your championship, it is your birth-right.

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