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DR Congo parliament votes out pro-Kabila Pm.


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Lawmakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have dismissed the Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 during a parliament plenary session held in Kinshasa.

According to a thorough research, the dismissal came after the majority of the lawmakers passed a vote of no-confidence to the Premier alleging his inability in the management of the country.

The National Assembly approved a motion of censure against Ilunga Ilunkamba and his government by 367 votes. Under the Democratic Republic of Congo’s constitution, parliamentary censure requires the Prime Minister to step down within 24 hours.

The Prime Minister boycotted the session terming it illegitimate under the constitution and internal regulations of parliament. This same session was also boycotted by pro-Kabila’s party MPs who also stressed that the parliament session had no mandate capacity to organize vote according to the constitution.

Tshisekedi, who took office in January 2019 but has been frustrated by a coalition government with Kabila’s allies who won parliamentary majorities in the same election. By controlling a majority in parliament, President Tshisekedi would be able to nominate a cabinet of his choosing after two (2) years in which Kabila’s allies have dominated the major ministries.

Tshisekedi now hopes to form a new majority in parliament by winning over members of Kabila’s coalition.

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