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TVOA: Welcome to The Voice of Africa, Today, we are joined by Ms. Sheikha Abdulla AlNuaimi the Executive Director of Marketing & Sales Ajman Free Zone. Can you tell us why you got started in this field? 

Sheikha: Thank you for such an introduction and I have been in the free zones for 13 years at Ajman free zones. It was a journey between different fields before reaching as you mentioned director of marketing and sales. Recently for a month, I’ve been heading the commercial operation, which is sales and marketing and customer happiness and relations. So the journey is completing in the sector of free-zone because I found out that this is the place that I can represent and apply the vision of my government to deal with foreigners and to explain any given image of Emirati people, culture, inspiration, and also in Emirati women. So this was the main factor of choosing the field of free-zones by myself. 

TVOA: Okay, and how should businesses position themselves to do well in the global market? 

Sheikha: From my side, I do advise businesses to find a specific and suitable strategic location for their business. As you know, UAE is one of the strategic locations worldwide in selecting and having a business Hub or a business destination for doing business because of the strategic location between East and Western Asia. So I found out that the start of any successful business is the location and that will help you build your experience, your network, and even grow with the full ecosystem and the supply chain. So there’s a strategic location is the first step to starting any business. 

TVOA: What is your ideal roadmap for anyone wanting to succeed in business? 

Sheikha: So let’s say the ideal journey is to start and pick the location and after that to find out your surrounding supply chain and try to grow by yourself an ecosystem to cut costs of your business and to find out local suppliers that will speed up your manufacturing and your trading and business distribution channels. So we at Ajman-free Zone focus on providing that for our investors. We try to complete their full ecosystem. So we will be working with them with cutting costs on doing their business and finding their suppliers in the local market. So mainly I do advise on such a journey for our investors

TVOA: So earlier you were talking about the global market in the UAE. Could you tell us your thoughts about the Legacy Global Summit?

Sheikha: It’s my first time to attend as an attendee and even as a speaker. I find for myself that it’s a great platform to meet people. I have not had prior experience with a virtual experience, but still, I have been in connection with a number of participants and a number of organizers, which I find that it’s a very nice solid platform to start and introduce your business and your incentives as government or even private entities. So I do advise people to be part of that and I’m looking for an “on spot event” soon to shake hands together and meet people face-to-face. 

TVOA: Awesome. Thank you. Thank you so much for that. Unfortunate was one of our last questions. I did hear you speak at the Legacy Global Summit, and it was very informative. You just kept going and I just felt like my brain was getting bigger inside, but thank you for joining us on The Voice of Africa.

Sheikha: I do welcome you to start your business with us as a pioneer and freelancer too!

TVOA: Yes, of course awesome. We’ll stay in concord. Thank you. Thank you. Have a good one. 

Sheikha: Thank you.

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