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Mozambique’s health system is under triple threat.


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Mozambique’s health system is facing a triple threat from the coronavirus pandemic, cyclone Eloise and a large-scale outbreak in violence attributed to extremist Islamic groups in Cabo Delgado province.

Almost 700 health professionals have fled the region due to insecurity, according to an assignment made by the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC).

The NGO said 39 health facilities out of 55 – or 71% of them-in 9 conflict – affected Cabo Delgado districts are non-operational.

“They have been vandalized, they have been burned, or they have been simply destroyed”, said ICRC health delegate.

President Peter Maurer of the International Committee of the Red Cross is visiting the region to meet with those in need and see ICRC’s programs.

“ The people of Mozambique are today facing a triple humanitarian crisis with persistent threats due to climate change, an upsurge of violence, the Covid-19 pandemic and cholera.

“We remain at the side of Mozambique in this challenging times and will scale up our support”, Maurer said.

The ICRC is assisting the victims of armed conflict who have been displaced from their homes and has also opened a Covid-19 treatment center which is helping residents prevent transmission of the disease through masks and hygiene.

The ICRC will this year rehabilitate nine primary health facilities serving more than 175,400 patients in Pemba, and support hospitals in Montepeuez and Pembam which are specialized in the treatment of trauma wounds.

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